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Nick Davis to Launch Black is Beautiful NFT Collection

Nick Davis to Launch Black is Beautiful NFT Collection

Honouring both his heritage and community, exceptional artist, Nick Davis prepares to launch ‘Black is Beautiful’. A finely crafted homage to the eclectic cacophony of culture that inspires his work and resonates through his everyday life.

Faced with a crippling epileptic condition that left him unable to work, Nick Davis turned to his lifelong passion of art. Armed only with an iPad, he began an intrepid journey inspired by the vibrant lives of those around him, eventually cataloguing the trials and tribulations of ordinary black folk in the USA. Therein, capturing the raw emotions of his contemporaries in his elegant illustrations as they convey a thought-provoking story through vivid imagery.

Through this mighty passion project, Nick has amassed a portfolio of 1,000 unique works, all of which will soon arrive in an incredible fine art filled NFT drop. Due to his incredible talents, Nick has attracted the attention of a number of A-list celebrities to sponsor his tremendous project, with the likes of music industry heavyweights, Jarule, Ashanti and Macy Gray all stepping forward to honour the talented fellow.

As a result of years of hard work and perseverance, this masterful collection of fantastic art will arrive on July 14, via the House of First platform. However, those interested can climb aboard the ‘blacklist’ now to get a jump on the competition.

Sign up for the drop >> Here

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