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The Muse lives on the Blockchain: Q&A with SuperRare artist ACK

The Muse lives on the Blockchain: Q&A with SuperRare artist ACK

CK: Paint us a picture of your life pre-NFT. What kind of art were you creating, and when did the Muse first appear? Were there any formative experiences that really shaped your artistic vision? 

ACK: Pre-NFT I was making art and music, but just for myself really. Since childhood, I was always passionate about art, creativity, and the role they play in our daily lives.

The Muse first appeared to me when I was in somewhat of a ‘rock-bottom’ personally; after quitting art and music for the second time. I swore it off, but the Muse revived me and I submitted to Her. Since then, She has been prevalent every step of the way. It’s quite amazing really.

The formative experiences that shaped my artistic vision are not doing what others have recommended and pushed on me. I’ve had several big collectors try to dictate the style of art I create, and that’s something that really bothers me and something I could never let happen. I can and will only make the art I want to make. Art that comes to me from the Muse.

CK: How did you get exposed to NFTs, and what was the lightbulb/galaxy brain moment for you about the technology’s potential?

ACK: Beeple’s headlines back in March of 2021 caught my eye. Realizing that people care about memes and art was a major lightbulb for me and I got to work straight away.

CK: The Muse seems to be a crucial part of your creative process, and you mention the Muse in works like “she loves me not.” How does the Muse relate to Death? How do you see their relationship?

ACK: This is my favorite question I’ve ever been asked, lol, thank you!

So… In my world, Death has been in love with the Muse for thousands of years, but without reciprocation. The Muse chose life and art instead, so Death’s revenge is taking all life. But, through the Muse, through art, our stories will continue on, leaving Death defeated. Also, I am noticing in real time how heavily influenced I am by the whispers of the Muse and it’s interesting to see what happens and how it affects my art in the short and long term. I wager by the end of my journey, we will see the real face of the Muse and the shrine built for Her. 

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CK: Which of your pieces do you feel the strongest emotional connection to and why? Which piece feels the most personal?

ACK: Hmmm… I have one piece I have not minted yet. It’s sitting here on my iMac and my phone and I think it is the most powerful piece I’ve made thus far. I think because it reveals the true face of the Muse.

As far as minted works go, I would say my piece “crypto art” because its whole theme is based on the emotions I felt while creating it. Also, “til death do us part” because I often worry I am running out of time to update it.

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