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Paradise Rising, A PH Label by 88rising. New Dawn’s Coming!

Paradise Rising, A PH Label by 88rising. New Dawn’s Coming!

When you hear of 88 rising, you quickly associate the groundbreaking and innovative take of modern RNB and hip hop music with artists and performers of Asian ethnicity. Fronting the line with icons like Rich Brian (FKA Rich Chigga), Joji, NIKI, Higher Brothers et al. 88 rising has been a substantial avenue to showcase music around the globe regardless of where you are from. Deeply makes an impact to its cult following, music enthusiasts and today’s youth generation, 88rising has become a forerunner for contents and collaboration you’ve never seen coming.

Who is 88rising

Last May, coming up with a digital concert in the middle of the new normal, 88 rising presented “ASIA RISING FOREVER”. It basically showcased artists from Asia with likes of Phum Vuphirit of Thailand, beabadobee, Fil-Brit from the UK, Niki from Indonesia, Kpop girl group–Loona, Kang Daniel and many more. As to the Philippines, it was represented by Inigo Pascual. Since then, hints of getting a mainstay of Filipino descent to the 88rising roster has always struck and kept us wondering. It shook us all as news of getting Nik Makino has simmered some fog in the walls of the internet. Finally, the label has confirmed that they are not working with Nik but instead trying to source out artists for a radio gig. And not to forget, Ylona Garcia represented PH in 88 Rising Virtual Summer Festival.

Last July, 88 rising, thrilled everyone as they unveiled a new project called Paradise Rising, a new music collective representing new wave artists from the Philippines. It is not just a mainstay artist in 88 roster but rather a whole new label to focus the new wave of artists from the PH.

Paradise Rising Roster

In partnership with Globe Telecom, Paradise Rising is taking things to new heights along with the release of a five-track mixtape debut dubbed as “semiluscent”. The roster for Paradise Rising has been revealed and anticipated their first mixtape since then. It will consist of Leila Alcasid, Kiana V, Jason Dhakal, Massiah from Careless Music and Fern.

In an interview, 88 rising founders, Sean Miyashiro said, “The Philippines and music go hand in hand, and there is such vibrancy in the way talented young artists are emerging, and such a massive audience in love with music. We want to support their voices, help them be heard, and bring music from the Philippines to a global audience. This label partnership brings an unprecedented opportunity for Philippine artists to achieve even greater visibility and commercial success with their music,” said Sean Miyashiro, Founder, 88rising. “Globe shares this same vision and passion with us – and we are excited about what we can do together.”

This kind of initiative will be a purveyor to promising world-class talents that the Philippines has to offer. Undeniably, a new age of promising talents is coming. And with the continuously rising popularity of digital content and consumption, it will surely flourish. It will put the country to the map and new voices will be heard.

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And not to end being a sour grape, we hope to hear if not full but at least some Tagalog/Philippine dialects will be considered to be included in some of the songs that will be produced. The Philippines having English as a second language, it is no doubt we can express freely and comfortably through singing this language. We hope that we can somehow incorporate further parts of ourselves into the world. Nonetheless, all we got to do is support these groundbreaking movements that will definitely inspire a bunch of creatives and artists in the very corner of their bedroom and apartments.

Listen to the semiluscent and let us know of your thoughts and who other artists do you have in mind that could get into the label? Spill it out.

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