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Tamago Redefines Music Streaming with Excellent Paramida NFT Drop

Tamago Redefines Music Streaming with Excellent Paramida NFT Drop

As the likes of Spotify and Apple music continue to ply their trade in the dark ages, one plucky upstart looks to shake up the streaming industry. As a result, Tamago has taken to the clever application of NFTs and WEB3 technology to envisage a fairer and brighter future for the music world, resulting in an amazing opportunity not just for the platform and the artists, but also for music enthusiasts and casual users.

Through its grand new platform, Tamago aims to engage in a clear and transparent revenue system. In turn, allowing creators to fairly monetize their work, while additionally enabling collectors to earn by curating their own playlists.

Now, as it gets into its stride, Tamago has launched the first in its series of 1 of 1 music NFTs, represented by an incredible asset with multi layered utility, backed by tremendous artwork, and featuring exclusive new material from highly revered DJ and producer, Paramida.

Tamago’s Exclusive Paramida NFT Auction

For its inaugural drop, Tamago has partnered with Paramida, one of the biggest names in the dance music industry, auctioning an exclusive unreleased track from her forthcoming Moonrise VII EP, coupled with a host of tremendous unlockable content to add a little extra panache to proceedings.

As a result, interested parties will bid for an exclusive NFT copy of the song, ‘Kalitya’s Theme,’ along with a unique artwork and special ‘dubplate’ (limited edition pressing) of the full Moonrise EP. The eventual winner will also unlock guest access to all of ‘Love on the Rocks’ events for the remainder of the year. Including an invite to the secret love island party at Croatia’s ‘Love International’ festival this summer.

To get a piece of this incredible action, music aficionados have from now until 7:30pm ET on July 14 to make their bids count. The auction takes place on Tamago’s very own Tamastream platform, utilizing the NEAR token.

Join in the excellent auction >> Here

Tamago Redefines Music Streaming with Excellent Paramida NFT Drop

How it all Works

Through its ingenious new steaming service, Tamago will look to foster a grand new music-based community. Within which, artists will get their just rewards and fans can engage on more than just a superficial level. As such, creators can monetize their work through transparent payment system linked to the streaming of their music, while additionally selling NFTs to their fanbase, along with a predetermined percentage of royalties. Members of the platform can then use those NFTs to curate their own playlists, and earn a share of the revenue for themselves.

Going forward, Tamago will broaden its special 1/1 NFT initiative with a number of top artists lined up to take part. As a result, formidable rapper Tyga and house icon, Felix da Housecat slated to drop their incredible tunes this summer.

Relatively new on the scene, Tamago has already amassed 700 regular users, 1000 tracks and streamed 45k minutes of content, all running through the eco-friendly and high speed NEAR blockchain.

Start streaming right now on Tamastream >> Here

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