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Ten Unique and Fresh Food Trends That Became Popular During Quarantine

Ten Unique and Fresh Food Trends That Became Popular During Quarantine

CO-PRESENTED BY: Ulamkits is a small business that we have started during the pandemic, many of our dishes favoured heavily on the love of Filipino barbecue during the summertime but we were not as satisfied as we would want to be & started thinking of something else to offer. This is when the Panaderia idea began, we want to give people a taste of home through food especially Filipino bread (Pandesal & Ensaymada) that we all grew up eating. These bread are the perfect examples of a time reminiscent of picking up treats from your local panaderia back home and sharing it with your love ones.

One thing that stands out about Filipinos is their hunger for new and unique trends, especially with food! Other than the great views and hospitality, the Philippines is also known for their delicacies –both the native meals of the Filipino people and the unusual combinations they bring to life.

You’re sure to find a lot of different food textures and flavour bursts that are surely new. Recently, Filipinos have been on a rave of creativity yet again. Ever since the start of the quarantine, most people have remained in the comfort of their homes with not much to do. With so much time on their hands throughout the whole quarantine period, and a need to bring out fresh content, lo and behold! Here are a few of the current food trends in the Philippines.

Pandesal with a Twist

We doubt you haven’t heard of this lately because this is everywhere! Ube (sweet purple yam) has always been one of the top Filipino delicacies. Have it as a snack, dessert, topping or even make use of the flavour itself.


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Surprisingly, Filipinos have only now started to flavour their pandesal with Ube –which captured the interest of many. Putting together two Filipino favorites, perfect for breakfast and noon-time snacks, it instantly became a hit. Making even the classic combination of Ube Keso or Ube and cheese in the form of freshly baked bread.

Baked Sushi

One thing that was unexpectedly brought to life is what the Filipinos call “baked sushi”. From just hearing the name, it sounds quite intriguing and all the more when you find out it is served as a whole in a single tray! The image of sushi really took a turn with this one, but no worries because it doesn’t disappoint.


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It’s made with the typical ingredients for sushi from crab sticks and salmon to rice and cream cheese. These are all formed into what looks like a casserole and baked. It comes with nori squares too to give you that full classic sushi experience.

Mango Sticky Rice

When it comes to dessert, next to ube, Filipinos are fond of having mangoes and rice snacks. In fact, you would find homemade recipes and restaurants serving food with a mango twist quite often.


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One of those dishes, which had only recently made its appearance, is the mango sticky rice. It’s a simple sweet treat made with mango, coconut cream, milk and rice. With these easy ingredients, people can even make it themselves in the comfort of their homes.

Basque Burnt Cheesecake

Yet another unique twist to some well-known classic treats is the “burnt cheesecake”. But what exactly does that mean? Basically, this dessert is a slow-baked cheesecake (without the crust) that is caramelized and burnt-like on the outside.


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The basque cheesecake has been around for a while now, selling in great amounts across countries. This treat caught the attention of Filipinos, who have started to make their own renditions of this creamy delight!

Dalgona Filipino Style

By now, everyone has probably already heard, seen and tried the dalgona (whipped coffee) craze. Originally, this is made with coffee. But Filipinos love to try out new things in what seems to be the oddest manners.


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People have been swapping out the classic ingredients for dalgona with others to give it a more Pinoy taste. This includes ube and Milo or Chuckie (which are chocolate drinks). Some people would even layer it to make meals such as the classic “-silog” dishes and more.

DIY Korean BBQ

Ever since the spread of Korean media in the Philippines, Filipinos have started to gain more interest in their delicacies and cuisine. One thing that piqued their interest the most is Korean BBQ. This brought the increase of local restaurants replicating it.


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However, current protocols have made it hard for people to enjoy their “samgyupsal” but that’s not the end yet. Kudos to the Filipino mind for coming up with DIY Korean BBQ kits. As an alternative, Filipinos purchase their own ingredients to cook up and serve at home.

Sourdough Bread

A surprising addition to the current food trends comes from people simply wanting to pass time in their homes. Apparently, with this quarantine, it’s baking! Filipinos spend their time baking different goods, a simple one of those options being sourdough bread.


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This sudden hobby has made dough increase in demand, as more and more people have been following the sourdough bread baking train; sharing easy tutorials and unique recipes to more.

Kamayan Kits

Part of Filipino tradition is the kamayan feast, wherein food is placed on banana leaves laid out on a table. You eat with your hands only! No utensils would be used. It’s usually done during social gatherings and celebrations.


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This is something you would surely want to experience when visiting the Philippines. Fortunately, a restaurant located in Toronto sends kamayan kits for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home. You get a good meal and an exclusive experience of Filipino tradition.

Bottled Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee comes in a lot of ways. Have it brewed, iced, with some whipped cream. Now that a lot of people have been working on tight budgets or simply can’t head out, buying yourself your morning coffee brew at your favourite coffee shop isn’t so easy anymore.


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Filipinos figured another option to make this possible. Bottled cold brew coffee is now served for easy access on your favourite coffee blends. You still get that same kick from your usual morning caffeine rush in a simple to-go manner.

Soju Cocktail Mix

Bars have been closing up since the start of the quarantine since it would practically be impossible to spend a night out to grab drinks with friends now. Being quite the experimental people, Filipinos have been putting together some mixes with some easy to buy ingredients!


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A common mix you would see is the Yakult Soju Sprite. Other than the actual alcohol, all the other parts of the mix are pretty quick to find. In fact, you could find these even at convenience stores. Lots of people have posted their recipes online. All that’s next is to search it up and enjoy this homemade cocktail mix.

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