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TRAME Revolutionizes Art in Miami Art Week 2023

TRAME Revolutionizes Art in Miami Art Week 2023

In 2023, during Miami’s Art Week, TRAME unveils “RIFLESSI”. This showcase, in partnership with ARTXCODE, will happen at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens on December 4. It highlights the work of Jeff Davis and Martin Grasser, pioneers in generative art and color algorithms.


  • TRAME collaborates with artists Jeff Davis and Martin Grasser for the “RIFLESSI” showcase at Miami Art Week 2023.
  • Jeff Davis unveils “Optimism,” blending generative art with stained glass, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.
  • Martin Grasser’s “Portraits” merges generative algorithms with typography, using Venetian mirrored glass.

a picture of TRAME artists Jeff Davis and Martin Grasser with their latest showcase and the TRAME logo.

TRAME Redefines Art and Craft in Miami’s 2023 Art Week

Jeff Davis presents “Optimism” in the exhibition. His work blends tradition, technology, and innovation. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, Davis merges color, formal art, and stained glass. His decade-long journey in generative art leads to this unique project. He also combines stained glass’s traditional beauty with modern technology. Davis, an established artist and professor, has exhibited at Sotheby’s, Phillips, and Art Dubai. He is also the author of “Foundations of Design” and “Foundations of Color.”

Martin Grasser introduces “Portraits”. This collection uses generative algorithms, typography, and mirrored glass. Premiering at TRAME’s Art Basel Miami exhibit, the series creates a new interpretative visual language. Grasser’s deep connection with typography influences his work. He has also designed the Twitter logo and created stories for Nike. Grasser’s recent ventures include blockchain art, collaborating with Vera Molnár.

Founded in 2020 by Ismail Tazi and Adnane Tazi, TRAME emerges as a curated digital gallery. It offers exclusive, limited-edition designs and artworks with digital provenance. The platform focuses on “Craft Nouveau”. It also encourages collaboration among artists, designers, and artisans. This approach blends tradition with innovation. Furthermore, TRAME leads in reshaping creative boundaries in art and design. It’s a community where art, design, technology, and craftsmanship come together. TRAME offers new perspectives on traditional techniques.

To conclude, the contributions of artists Jeff Davis and Martin Grasser embody TRAME’s innovative ethos, redefining the boundaries of generative art and design. This showcase, more than just an artistic event, cements TRAME’s position as a vanguard in the collaborative convergence of contemporary art, design, and technology.


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