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What are Moon Boots and what makes a Moon Boot unique?

What are Moon Boots and what makes a Moon Boot unique?

What are Moon Boots and are Moon Boots waterproof?

The Moon Boot, a brand of winter footwear, has an interesting history and unique features that have contributed to its popularity. It was created in the early 1970s by the Tecnica Group of Giavera del Montello in Italy.

The boot’s design was inspired by the Apollo 11 Moon landing and was initially intended as après-ski wear. Its popularity surged in the years following the Moon landing and experienced a resurgence as a retrofuturistic fashion trend in the early 2000s.

By 2011, the shoes were being produced in Ukraine at a rate of approximately 700,000 pairs per year.

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What are Moon Boots?

The design and construction of these shoes are noteworthy. They’re made with a thin rubber outsole and cellular rubber midsole, covered by nylon fabrics and using polyurethane foams. Company founder Giancarlo Zanatta, inspired by the astronauts’ boots, began designing and developing the original style.

Google Arts & Culture has a great story about Giancarlo and the invention of the Moon Boot.

The trademark was registered worldwide in 1978. The boot’s structure offers stability and protection, with an interior lining for comfort and insulation against high temperatures.

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Do Moon Boots run big or small?

Modern Moon Boots combine strong textiles, lightweight metals, and sophisticated composites. They feature a unique tread pattern on the sole for enhanced grip, providing safe and effective traction on various surfaces. The boots also include adjustable closures to accommodate different foot sizes and shapes, ensuring a secure fit.

In other words, take your normal size. If you are in between sizes, take the next size up. You can always supplement a snug fit with thick, warm socks.

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Over time, technology has played a significant role in evolving the boot’s functionality and design, with improvements in comfort levels, material quality, and overall performance. Features such as enhanced shock absorption, moisture-wicking properties, and built-in communications devices have been integrated into the modern iterations.

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Are Moon Boots waterproof?

In addition to their functional design, these shoes also stand out for their aesthetic appeal. Each pair is crafted with care, offering a blend of style and warmth. The boots are designed with exceptional insulation, keeping feet warm even on the coldest days. The lightweight midsole ensures a comfortable stride, and the rubber tread sole, fitted with innovative suction pads, provides unparalleled ground control.

Another distinctive aspect of these shoes is that they do not have a distinct right or left boot, fitting right and left feet the same.

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They also feature 100% water-repellent capabilities, sturdy PVC heel counter and trim for structural support, and a thermoplastic midsole for cushioning. The boots’ design includes silver-tone metal eyelets and a drawstring for fit adjustment, and the multi-size foam lining molds to the foot’s shape.

are moon boots waterproof

How to style Moon Boots

The shoes are available in two variants, the Classic Low and the High, catering to different style preferences.

Style them the same way you might style UGGs or Mou boots. Pair them with leggings for a slim silhouette, or with parachute pants for the opposite effect. Choose outerwear that matches your Moon Boots, or coordinate the trim material, like suede or faux fur.

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We Love Moon Boots

Overall, Moon Boots’ combination of unique design, innovative features, and stylish appeal has cemented their status as a distinctive and sought-after winter footwear option. Click below to save big on them!

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