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Continuing with the FilCan Music Artist Spotlight I would like to feature one of the most unique musical style I’ve encountered in the FilCan Music community. Inspired by hip hop and R&B, N3S is an artist creating music very unique to her style. I had a chance to ask her questions and get to know her as an artist. This is how our conversation went:

Share with me who is N3S and how you got into the music you are creating now?

I am Filipina Hip Hop/R&B artist from the west end of Toronto, Canada. “N3S” is short for Neslen, my first name. The 3 in my name represents the trinity frequency of the mind, body, and spirit. Even before I popped out the womb, music has been in my blood.


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To be honest, I’ve been the shy one growing up… and felt oddly “different” from my peers. Makes sense now I guess. I’m into various genres of music actually… but hip hop wise, I rock with 50 cent, Tupac, Eminem, Jay Z, Royce 5 9′, Nas, Kendrick & way more.

I got into hip hop myself, to get over “super low” times in my life. Suppressed negative energy came out creatively and made me realize my purpose.

Can you share with me challenges you had to face in your music career so far and how did you stay above it?

Not to make this a sexist thing, but being a female in this game is already a challenge. Also, it gives me that drive to go even harder. I’ve changed my perspective to look at it as an advantage. I personally don’t like being called a “femcee” and be compared to other female hip hop artists in the game.


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Male or female, we all in the same game. Also, being a Filipina pursuing hip hop is not something I’ve felt to express confidently to direct family. If you know what I’m saying. I’m in the process of breaking that stereotype of what a Filipino woman should be doing with her life. I’m learning to accept myself more and more everyday and just owning my uniqueness.

Is there a philosophy behind your music, if so, what is it about?

Yes, there is. The philosophy behind my music is “Champ’s Pain.” Pretty much an artistic expression of suppressed feelings.

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Major pain naturally activated my craft. Sounds strange, but I feel that pain gases a fire within that unlocks a new level of consciousness and love, also a discovery of self.

Share with me something that you’re working on accomplishing right now

I’m working on being more vulnerable and open in general. I got trust issues, as many of us do… so just flowing with my gut, but also being cautiously aware.

To be more particular, marketing my craft is definitely something I need to improve on… I overthink processes too much, so I got to ease that. As I’m aligning with my true nature, real energy is shifting my way.

What is your big vision as a music artist?

I am a solo artist, but yes I do collaborate with super creative souls. So for me the group’s vision is to dominate the game on our own platform and slap the masses with the realness.

Uplift and unite the people internationally with dope frequency and high vibes.

Where can fans find you?

Spotify: N3S
YouTube: N3S

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