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Al James Releases Comeback Single “PSG”

Al James Releases Comeback Single “PSG”

Just as the new year began, Al James releases his much-anticipated single PSG, along with a brand new music video directed by long-time collaborator HellaSolid a.k.a. Johnny Estacio.

The independent artist follows up his unbroken string of break-out singles with a brand new hit that’s bound to take over the airwaves and streaming platforms. For more than a year, the hip-hop hitmaker’s absence has notably been felt. PSG satiates his fans’ thirst while reintroducing himself to a new generation looking to find something new in the hip-hop landscape. Produced by NEXXFRIDAY & Jim P, PSG continues Al James’ signature sound with a catchy melody and a sultry beat that his fans have been clamoring for since his last single.

PSG also comes with a visual that’s nothing like we’ve seen. Rife with mood-setting scenes that could rival international standards, the PSG music video perfectly complements the song while setting the standard for Philippine artists.

Al James continues to break into the mainstream with a pop-friendly sound while building on his magnetic persona that combines aesthetics and music into a mood-setting package. PSG is for the vibe-seekers: dreamers who want to take a break from reality and can look forward to the future, complete with a dreamy soundtrack in PSG.

Directed by HellaSolid/Johnny Estacio
Director of Photography: Vince Greg
Stylist: Florian Trinidad
Powered by: TMP Productions

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Listen to Al James’ newest single PSG NEXXFRIDAY & Jim P on streaming platforms today.

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