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Kumu partners with THOC to evolve online reality shows for Gen Z content creators and their fans

Kumu partners with THOC to evolve online reality shows for Gen Z content creators and their fans

This season, step inside an exciting partnership between The House of Collab (THOC) and kumu to experience the most interactive online reality show yet!

As the home of social media superstars, THOC brings together different content creators of unique personalities and backgrounds under one roof to live together, collaborate, and create exciting content for your viewing pleasure. Now, with kumu as an official collaborator, old and new fans have the opportunity to engage with their favorite content creators through different live stream segments on the platform.

THOC Managing Partner Jayvee Advincula believes in the collaboration’s spark, sharing, “The opportunity to go side by side with KUMU matches the vision of The House of Collab, our show is about authenticity and reality which goes hand in hand with live streaming. Not only do we show challenges or performances by our content creators, but we also show the roots and the grind our content creators go through in their daily lives.

As the first of its kind in the country, Advincula shares that one of THOC’s goals is to “train [our] content creators not only for social media but also in real life. Plenty of young creators with millions of followers and viewers need to be guided to become their best version and with The House of Collab, they now have a platform that can showcase their skills and talents. Together with KUMU, our reach easily grew tenfold and new skills on live streaming have been unlocked for these content creators.”

Watch The House of Collab 24/7 livestream on Kumu for exclusive and almost unlimited access to what’s happening inside the house. “We’re always on the lookout for unique content that makes our Kumu audiences smile. Working with The House of Collab provides a unique perspective of a 24/7 stream, with a real, unfiltered look at Gen Z content creators. We’re excited to be pushing the boundaries of reality entertainment and live streaming as well as uplifting a new set of talented creators to achieve mainstream recognition.” says Angelo Mendez, Chief of Content and co-founder of Kumu.

If you’re looking for a more engaging session with your favorite content creator, you can also hop into one of their solo streams— each of the content creators will stream on the kumu platform daily for 1-3 hours depending on the activity in the house. Your favorites can also participate in campaigns designed specifically for them and earn coveted diamonds.

Sprouting up in the app is the avid fan base forming around this content house. “We are seeing more and more Gen Z communities forming fan clubs around The House of Collab’s brand and creators,” adds Mendez. “There is a growing fanbase that is uniting Gen Z audiences around the world behind this show, and it’s very inspiring to watch.”

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Kumunity fans can get a chance to enter the THOC mansion for as long as 7 days and become a co-content creator for a week through kumu campaigns. Open to all kumu users, one lucky winner will be selected each week. So, are you ready to meet your favorites?

The House of Collab Season 2 is now on kumu!

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