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Reddit Gems: Advice For People in Their 20s

Reddit Gems: Advice For People in Their 20s

Everyone knows being in your 20s is simultaneously scary and exhilarating. But before you spiral into the mess that is a quarter-life crisis, take a breath. Lucky for you, you’re not alone in this confusing journey, nor are you the first to navigate these waters. Millions of people have already trekked that path before you and they came out wiser. Case in point, these 40-something folks on Reddit who eagerly shared life lessons they wish they knew in their 20s. Their comments are a gold mine of wisdom you won’t have to wait decades to learn. Here are the best ones:


Your dreams can change

To add: Your dreams have no expiration date. Do whatever you want!

Never too late to start AGAIN

Don’t be afraid to “reset” your life.


Cherish the friendships of your youth

Message your friends today and tell them how much you appreciate them.


A boatload of advice in 3.. 2.. 1..

Read that slowly and apply it to your life.

Aren’t you glad you read this in your 20s?

It’s never too early or too late to change

Don’t cling to your mistakes. Walk away from them.

Take care of your body, folks

The gym bros and yoga girls are on to something. 


Some sage financial advice

The best time to start saving for retirement is NOW.

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And finally, this calming insight on life

You needed to read that.


Do you have other great advice for people in their 20s?


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